Nautical Baby Shower | Nashville Party Planning

21 Jun

Summer is HERE!! And in tribute to this HOTTEST of seasons and to 4 months of sun, swimming and shaved ice, I’m sharing a fun nautical baby shower I threw with some gals last year for 2 dear friends and 2 of the prettiest baby mama’s I know. Hope this gives some inspiration for any summer soiree’s you’re planning on throwing this season….ENJOY!!

Celebrations at Home was so sweet to feature this shower on their blog…check it out here! HUGE thanks to Joel and Michelle of Hartz Photographic for all the lovely images!!

So….what summertime parties are you planning to throw this year??

Nashville Wedding Planning | Mr. & Mrs. Adamczyk

18 May

As the weather starts to heat up around here, I thought I’d share a beautiful December wedding of a gorgeous couple….seriously these two don’t take a bad picture. Ever.

Following a touching ceremony at Church of the Assumption, everyone celebrated in style at Union Station with dinner, dancing and even a fun flash mob, coordinated by the bride, groom and wedding party. Add in some lovely cherry red florals, sparkling silver accents and an enormous glowing Christmas tree and you have a truly memorable night.

Enjoy these images from Ace Photography!

Congratulations Kaitlyn and Kyle!! We love you guys and loved being a part of your day!!

This Wedding Was Made Possible By:

Wedding Planner – Jennifer Hamilton of Mr. & Mrs. Weddings and Events

Photographer – Ace Photography

Florist – Amanda Jerkins Design

Cake – Cakes Galore

Ceremony Venue – Church of the Assumption

Reception Venue – Union Station

Transportation – Grand Avenue

Hair – Kara Gaylor

Makeup – Ali Blackshear

Reception Band – Top Tier Band

Happy Mum’s Day!

11 May

Don’t you just love the word, Mum? (not the plant, the woman who gave birth to you….) I really wish we used that word here like they do in Europe. Every time I heard a little kid say the word “mum” when we were in Ireland my heart just about melted. There’s just something so endearing about it!

Anyway, this post today is all about MOMS (or MUMS) and I happen to have 2 of the best. My mother is the original hostess with the mostess…I definitely received my joy of entertaining from her. She was always opening up our home to others and didn’t kill me when I insisted on having friends over 24-7 pretty much my entire childhood.

We have so much fun together and folks, let me warn you, it can get pretty silly. Exhibit A: We pose like TV characters when we’re in NYC.

And if 1 fabulous mom wasn’t enough, I was blessed with a 2nd one when I got married. My mother-in-law is seriously the best. She is one of the most fun, loving, energetic people to be around and watching her during an Alabama football game has got to be one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen. Not to mention she did a wonderful job raising a certain fella I’m quite fond of!!

Yep, I’m one lucky gal!

They got to share some of their birthday festivities together this year….seriously how cute are they?

Thank you both for everything you do!! I am so blessed to have TWO amazing women in my life. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Nashville Wedding Planning | Mr. & Mrs. Mauldin

30 Mar

I am beyond thrilled to share this sweet wedding with you today. I met this couple last February and couldn’t help but hit it off with them from the very start. Anyone who knows this couple can’t be around them for 5 seconds without feeling their love and admiration for one another. They are seriously too precious for words. I was very excited when they came to me with their plans for a beautiful farm wedding in October. Sounded very familiar to my own wedding, so from day one I shared their vision and enthusiasm for what ended up being a very beautiful Fall day in Franklin, TN. The Mauldin’s are now near and dear to my heart and I wish them all the pie, Ray Bans, love and happiness in the world!!

Enjoy these gorgeous pictures from Ulmer Studios!

Click here to see this wedding as featured on Ruffled Blog!

Fabulous Vendors:

Planning and Styling: Mr. & Mrs. Weddings and Events

Wedding Venue: Southall Eden

Photography: Ulmer Studios

Pie: Bride and Bridesmaid, Elizabeth Parker

Caterer: Down South Delights

Rentals: Music City Tents & Events

Ceremony Music: Russell Mauldin {Groom’s Father}

Officiant: Rev. Jack Dean {Groom’s Grandfather}

Transportation: Nationwide Parking and Valet

Happy St. Patty’s Day Weekend!

16 Mar

When we were originally planning our trip to Ireland {which we returned from this week} we wanted to make sure that we weren’t there for St. Patrick’s Day so we would miss the crowds, the craziness and the higher cost. But I must say, on this St. Patty’s Day eve, I’d give anything to be back there among the festivities, celebrating in true Irish style! As we were leaving, Dublin was just gearing up for their celebrations, parades, etc…and it made me think it might just be worth the hassle to be there and see it in person.

Even though we can’t be there, I’ll still be decked out in green {my fave color} tomorrow, perusing through our pics and remembering our vacation of a lifetime. I’ll be posting a series of blogs on our trip soon, so stay tuned!

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!!

Inspiration for the Oscars | Nashville Party Planning

24 Feb

This time of year feels like Christmas has come early in the Hamilton household. Except for Santa is wearing a custom Armani suit and Mrs. Claus is wearing a couture gown, as they walk arm in arm down the red carpet….

It is indeed the weekend of the Academy Awards!! The hubs and I take 2 very different approaches to the Oscars. Whereas Craig is all consumed with dissecting the films, keeping up with all the precursor awards and perfecting his prediction method, I am just really excited about planning a party for friends and watching all of the gorgeous stars walk the red carpet on Sunday night.

I’m excited to share our 2012 Oscar party at a later date, but for now I’d like to take a look back at last year’s event and give some tips on how to help your own soiree be award-worthy as well!

1. Think Glitz and Glamor. This is the Academy Awards, people. This is one occasion where you really can’t have too much gold and glitter. No matter what your color palette, make sure to add a lot of gold and glimmer with ribbon, specialty paper, glitter, fabric, etc…. There are so many ways to do this, just visit your local craft store and see what you can find!

2. Focus on the Films. This is, after all, what the Oscars are all about. There are lots of ways to add in little details that pay homage to the films: frame quotes from your favorite movies of the year, cook up foods that represent each Best Picture nominee, have the guests compete in movie trivia, you get the point. Just get creative!!

3. Get your guests involved. Find little ways to help your guests get into an award show state of mind. Make them feel like celebrities by rolling out the red carpet and having someone take pictures as the “paparazzi” while shouting “who are you wearing”??!! It’s also a good idea to create ways to keep your guests involved in the show. Watching the Oscars is no laughing matter at our house so to keep everyone glued to the TV, we like to have guests fill out ballots and guess the winners before the show starts. We’ve also done “Oscar Bingo” and to play, you have to be watching the show pretty intently to catch certain things on your card. has great bingo sheets and ballot cards that are ready for you to print out! Easy, peasy!

4. Provide theater worthy snacks. Let’s face it friends, the Academy Awards show lasts forever. So, it’s good to have “snacky” foods for your guests to munch on as the Oscars hit a lull and someone has gone 10 minutes over on their Life Achievement speech. What better snack than popcorn?? The good thing about popcorn is that it can be prepared a million different ways depending on what you mix with it or season it with.

To see the full post on last year’s Oscar party go here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Oscar weekend no matter what your plans are. I, personally, cannot wait to see Billy Crystal’s opening act…what are you anticipating most??

Lovely photos by Jen and Chris Creed Photographers

Cupcakes by Jo’s Custom Cakes and Catering

A Cinematic Valentine’s Tradition | Happy Weekend!

17 Feb

Hope everyone had fun celebrating the sweetest holiday of the year this week! What could be more romantic than a movie night with some of the most depressing movies of the year? The hubs and I started this tradition 3 years ago and kept it going this year with a couple of dark films from 2011. To find out what films we watched and get the full scoop on our weird tradition, check out Craig’s post all about it on the Film Nerds blog!

Craig always handles the films and the food …. and I’m in charge of setting the mood and making the cute desserts. Here’s what the 14th looked like for us this year:

Side note: Do not try to watch the film, Contagion while also trying to eat Italian food. Have a good weekend everyone!!

Valentine’s Day Find for the “Mrs.” | Stackable Alphabet Rings

10 Feb

Last year Craig and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in October. {full blog post here} Craig reads a mile a minute so I got him a cute little Kindle. Nothing says love like a hand-held e-reader right? Not that it’s a competition, but Craig totally won Anniversary 2011 with 3 gorgeous gold stackable rings, 2 of which had our initials on them and 1 that had a little dainty heart. I have been adoring my rings and what’s even sweeter is we can add more rings at any time! I don’t know, maybe some day in the future we’ll add the initials of a little guy or gal as we add to our family.

These precious rings are from Catbird  in Brooklyn, NY and would be the perfect Valentine gift for engaged gals, married gals, mommy-to-be gals… get the point. I have a gold “J”, “C” and a heart and I mix them up and stack them all kinds of ways. Catbird has every letter in the alphabet available, a heart, a star, and a cute ampersand {which I want one day}. And if you’re not in to gold they also have them in silver! I think it’d be fun to mix the gold and silver too.

Okay, seriously, how stinkin’ adorable are these?

And here are mine. Definite hubby points!! Happy stacking everyone!

The Nashville Wedding Planner’s Group | New Website and Blog

27 Jan

It’s Friday!! On this lovely day I wanted to introduce you fine folks to the new website of the Nashville Wedding Planner’s Group. I’ve been posting about this group and our monthly meetings since last year and now we have an official home to showcase our meetings and all things wedding. The NWPG blog is updated every day with things like Real Weddings from our awesome planners, Vendor Spotlights, featuring some of Nashville’s best wedding professionals and great planner tips. We are working hard to make the site a good resource for brides, planners and anyone else in the wedding industry.

Check out all of our amazing planners on the “Our Planners” page!!

Click here to subscribe to the Nashville Wedding Planner’s Group blog today! And if you’re a local wedding planner who’s interested in joining, shoot us an email at

Special thanks to Daiva of Design in August for our lovely logo and to Priscilla for creating our site! We love it!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Wedding Day Fitness | Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred

19 Jan

One of the first items that new brides love to tackle on their wedding checklist is the search for the perfect gown. Once said perfect gown is found  and a bride can see how the dress fits, then comes the search for a workout program that will help her get into tip top shape for her day. All eyes will be on her and that stunning Vera gown deserves no less right??

I will be the first to tell you that obsessing about your weight and every little thing you eat is not a good idea and odds are, it will only add stress to your already hectic life. On the other hand, maintaining your health and taking time for yourself is something you must do. This can be one of the busiest times of your life so you have to carve out some “you time” even if it’s just a few days a week. Choosing some type of exercise or activity that suits you and your schedule can be challenging, but there are lots of good programs out there.

One little workout gem I have found in the past few months is the 30 Day Shred workout series from Jillian Michaels. “Wait, isn’t that the mean, loud, tough as nails trainer that used to be on Biggest Loser”? Why yes it is! But let me tell you, this woman knows how to work you out. I was initially attracted to the 30 Day Shred workout because each session is only 20-25 minutes long. Wooo hooo!! My days are pretty busy so the possibility of just working out for 20 minutes was amazing to me. But on the other hand, I also didn’t know if you could really get a good workout in a 20 minute time span. I was used to working out for at least 45 minutes to an hour a day so I wasn’t sure if I’d feel like I actually did anything. But as soon as I finished Level 1 {red faced and soaked in sweat} I knew that you could definitely get a good workout in 20 minutes. The key is that Jillian doesn’t let you take breaks…you are constantly working out for the full time so you get a great cardiovascular workout and burn a ton of calories.

On the dvd, there are 3 Levels and each level gets progressively harder. You do need hand weights but no heavier than 5 lbs. In each level you do a warm-up, and then 3 different circuits, which consist of 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs. Then you repeat that 2 times. And sheesh does it work!! I did the workouts for 30 days straight {each level for 10 days} and could really tell a difference in my body and in my endurance. Here’s a little peek of Level 1:

This is a great solution for brides who don’t have a ton of time to exercise but still want to do some “shredding” and feel great on their big day. Of course I’d recommend trying to eat healthy as much as possible and drinking tons of water along with your work out….but at least with some exercise you can sneak in that occasional slice of pizza and go to more cake tastings!!

Yay for finding a great, quick workout!! Now as Jillian would say, “that’s enough talk, let’s get to work”.

Side note: I have also fallen in love with her “6 Week Six Pack” workout. Great for a little ab toning!

Have you ever tried 30 Day Shred? If so, what did you think??


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